Track your Forex trades with our Excel tool & learn from them

MyForexDashboard is the software tool that converts your broker’s basic Forex account statements into in six powerful Excel dashboards, professionally organized according to the main trading aspects (Strategy, Risk, Money Management and Trading Psychology), providing the most key information from your own trading results, to help you improve your performance in the Forex market.

New Forex Excel Gadget
Finally the answers you always wanted to know:
  • Need a tune in your Forex trading ? Where is it ?
  • Does your actual Forex strategy really perform ?
  • Want to see all your Forex trading, organized by pairs, sessions, with key performance indicators (KPIs)?
  • How would your Forex performance have been if you had stuck to your trading plan and risk policy ?
  • How much did that emotional trade affect you Forex performance ?
  • Do you want to master your Forex trading in less time ?
Evaluate your Forex strategies
Track your Forex trades. Get the answers. Learn from your own trading account.
  • The professional Forex Excel tool to help you find your trading strengths and mistakes.
  • Evaluate your strategies within a time range, either in real and demo accounts.
  • Organized, systematic way to analyze your Forex trading account.
  • All your Forex trading information, organized in professional dashboards, accessible anytime.
FX Account Tracking Tool
Rapidly convert your Forex statements into key information
  • Customizable risk scenarios. See “what if” like scenarios at different given risk policies.
  • Become more conscious of the importance of respecting your own Forex rules.
  • See how much those emotional trades affected your Forex account’s equity.
  • Improve your Forex risk awareness.
Shorten FX Learning Curve
What you get is what you need.
  • No matter what trading experience you have in the Forex market.
  • Very easy to use Forex Excel tool.
  • No more manual tracking or getting lost in so many numbers.
  • Evaluate your Forex account performance. It works with real and demo accounts.
  • Become more a conscious Forex trader. Improve your decision making in less time.
Improve your FX trading
Your all-in-one solution for organizing, evaluating and learning from your own Forex trading data.
  • Professional tool to help you improve your trading decision making, organizing your information in 6 professional and appealing dashboards, accessible anytime.
  • Spend your time in what is most important: Trading and analyzing your Forex results.
  • Analyze your trading info from three different points of view, according to the main aspects of trading: Forex Strategy, Money & Risk Management, and Trading Psychology.

Powerful Excel Forex Tool

Save time. Just load and click.
Rapidly convert your Forex statements into powerful information for self-analysis.

/Monitor your strengths & mistakes.

Professional looking dashboards.
Organized spreadsheets with the most key Forex indicators to help you find your trading strengths and mistakes.

Track your FX Performance

Complete Forex analysis.
Trading Pairs, Sessions, Date Ranges, Time in Market, Risk Management. All the analysis from the 3 trading aspects.

Forex self-analysis tool

Customizable scenarios.
See hypothetical performance at different risk levels, with “What if” like analysis.

Eductational tool to assess your own results

Learn from your own trading.
Evaluate your Forex strategies. Find where you need to fine-tune them.

Powerful Forex Excel Add-in. Easy to use.
Keep your trading records & Forex logs organized anytime. Simple and easy; works within Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet software.

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